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Paper Airplane Sun Catcher Sticker Decal

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Transform your home into a vibrant, captivating light show with this Paper Airplane Sun Catcher Sticker Decal! This gorgeous decal produces calming rainbows of light that fill a room with a kaleidoscope of beauty. Enchanting and eye-catching - add a touch of beauty and joy to any room! P.S. It's also the perfect gift for the swiftie in your life <3

Please note that these decals will only work on windows. They stick with static instead of an adhesive, making them incompatible with other surfaces. 

Suncatcher measures approximately 5 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall.

Choose a spot on your window that receives direct sunlight and apply the decal, then admire the rainbows!

Suncatcher arrives with a protective film on the back, be sure to remove it before applying to a window.

Includes instructions for application! 

All of my products are made in a smoke-free home.